What is Four-Phase structure of Lego Challenge Program?


Play2Learn Education LEGO Challenge Program introduces elementary school children (ages 6-13) with the basic principles of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). With LEGO® Kits, students gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of physics and engineering concepts, and mathematics knowledge, can better interpret basic arithmetic learned in school with an intuitive active learning process. The knowledge set will be covering Powers and principles in physics including Centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action/reaction law, buoyancy, torque, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more. This is really a good class where children are given an opportunity to learn while playing building with the world’s favorite building bricks – LEGO®!

Lego Challenge Program
Lego Challenge Program

What is special for Play2Learn Education LEGO Challenge Program?

  1. Play2Learn Education is a high tech start-up locally in Calgary. The team is composited by experienced educators, seasoned engineers and enthusiasm young brothers and sisters who know STEM education, love play with kids, be good at inspire and encourage students to pursue their own interests in learning science and mathematics, practicing engineering process, and innovate new technology.
  2. The Lego Challenge Program in Play2Learn Education defined a small size classroom; these smaller class sizes guarantee our teachers to give each student the individual attention and recognition they deserve to achieve their personal best.
  3. The Lego Challenge Program in Play2Learn Education has 4 different Phase (Phase I/II/III/IV) depending on how difficult it is. Students who are aged from 6 to 12 are suggested to start from Phase I. We do not suggest parents to push students to the program if there are not in the corresponding group. However, the student who is younger than 6 years old or below the grade 1 wants to be enrolled in the program, we will schedule an interview to evaluate if she/he is mature enough to study in the program.
  4. The individual Phase includes 8 classes. Each class will cover one interesting topic such as basic mechanism, scientific measurement and gears combination etc. At the beginning of the class they are taught a subject, following which they are diving in building a LEGO construction and a Lab experiment. After a mini presentation of what they built today, the class is finished but most don’t even realize how much time has passed. Students will be encouraged to pick up some homework assignment which is a good review for what they played and learned in the classroom.
  5. Once a student finished all classes in a lower phase, the student and the teacher will communicate and decide if she/he will be enrolled in a higher phase. Play2Learn Education is aiming to build a fun and an entertainment environment, but also an academic and a challenge atmosphere to encourage students to step higher.

Play2Learn Education provide a Four Phases LEGO Challenge Program structure to make students play lEGO machine from easy to difficult. Phase I is the base for all the other phases. Once you finish the Phase I you have chance to go to the next Phase. The Phases structure from lower to the higher is mapped as below:

  • Phase I – Practice;
  • Phase II – Design;
  • Phase III – Energy and Innovation;
  • Phase IV – Mechanism and Programming;