Play2Learn Education Lego Challenge Program Phase III

Phase III – Energy and Innovation:

Students gained LEGO building skill and Design ability in Phase I and Phase II will have a chance to be exposed to more energy topics to support a final innovation in Phase III. The energy topics will include Motion Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Pneumatics Energy and Kinetic Energy. Students are required to finish homework after each class. The Final Project will have to employ all experience in Energy, LEGO Design and building skill to innovate a Robot Arm. Some Programming session will be started to introduce in Phase III, aiming to make students to start a programming thinking. The final project is also a group work; students will put themselves in different role in a team. All qualified students will be awarded Play2Learn Education Lego Challenge Phase III Training certificate. The outstanding students will be invited to join the Phase IV program.

Who is eligible?

Students who are older than 9 years old and higher than Grade IV in regular school (must pass the interview if younger than 8 years old) OR Students who did successfully finish Lego Challenge Program Phase II in Play2Learn Education

Class Plan:
  • Class 1 Motion Energy
  • Class 2 Solar Energy
  • Class 3 Motion Energy
  • Class 4 Wind Energy
  • Class 5 Pneumatics
  • Class 6 Pneumatics
  • Class 7 Pneumatics
  • Class 8 Miscellaneous