Play2Learn Education Lego Challenge Program Phase I

Phase I – Practice:

Students learn the basic STEM concepts through building LEGO construction and practicing various corresponding experiment in an 8-week program. In each week, students are exposure to STEM topics such as Scientific Measurement, Motion and Movement, Electrical Machine and Renewable Energy etc. Phase I aims to attract students to the STEM world and also inspire them for any creative product. Although students are placed into individual workspace, they are encouraged to collaborate with partners and present their team spirit and leadership. The last week of the phase I will be an imagination session which leaves the stage for students themselves. Students are advised to design their own construction for the final ceremony. All qualified students will be awarded Play2Learn Education Lego Challenge Phase I Training certificate.

Who is eligible?

Students who are older than 6 years old and higher than Grade I in regular school (must pass the interview if younger than 6 years old)

Class Plan:
  • Class 1 Scientific Measurement
  • Class 2 Simple Motion
  • Class 3 Power Machine
  • Class 4 Motion
  • Class 5 Renewable Energy
  • Class 6 Electrical Machine
  • Class 7 Motion
  • Class 8 Miscellaneous