Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 5: SkyRise Crane 20200205

Hello class! Im sure you all remember our build from last week! Our crane!!! We build a huge structure of a crane and attached a motor to the top for powered control. This was a very long and complex build and you all did very well! We used diagonal braces to stabilise the body of the crane. As we should know by now, triangle shapes are stronger then squares.

Next class is finally the time for our computers! So make sure you bring your laptop and the predownloaded software so we can get right into the fun!! See you all soon!!

simple machines

Hello everybody!  This week we started a whole new challenge, Simple Machine.  It was easy to build but to understander simple physics in it, is challenging.  For example, we build a lever but put the pivot point at different place to test out which point can we lift the easiest.  It was the most successful class of all because it does not matter what step we were on, but to understand how it works.  At the end of the class today, most of the students finished book 1 or close to finish book 1.  We will try to finish book 2 in the next class.  Hope all of you had fun.  

simple machine book2

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the final day of simple machines.  This time, we got complex physics machines.  For example,  we use a simple triangle shaped pusher to lift heavy weight easier.  In real life, that is how we use tools to save our energy and time.  The main differences between human and animal is that we know how to use tools to make our life easier.  At the end of the class, we finished book2 and accomplished our goal.  Next week, we are going back to build complex lego toy.  Hope you guys have enjoyed.

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 6: LDD 20200212

Hello phase 2 class! I hope you enjoyed designing lego on the computers for a change! Last class was meant to open your minds to many possibilities of design. For homework (if possible) youre all supposed to design your own lego set of the LDD program. During the last class you will get an opportunity to build the set in real life. Make sure you use the selection of same pieces that we have in class.

The picture is an example of the set you build in class but I’ve expanded it for greater movement. Its up to you guys to do the same! Build a design and try and use your knowledge youve learnt in class! 

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 4: Simple Machines part2 20200127

Last week in our Phase 2 class we continued on with our simple machines! We’ve been working out of 3 booklets learning an adapting different basic models to learn how we can build efficiently. This picture i attached shows a lever that we have build and how by changing some positions we can change the difficulty it is to lift. Everyone build alot of different models during these classes and at the end I challenged the ones who had finished to create their own simple machines. Some of their ideas were quite impressive.


This week’s class, we introduce the conservation of energy.  We build a windmill which will transfer wind energy to rotational energy and use rotational energy to lift heavy blocks.  It just gives them an idea of use renewable energy to save slow down climate changes.  It was not super challenging to build the windmill but to line up the fans properly and have the block system on the right side caught them off guard.  Once they realized it, the experiment went smoothly, and big thank shut out to Daniel who was a fantastic helper that day.

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 3: Simple Machines 20200122

Hey guys! Hope you’re all enjoying your week! As im sure you remember last class was abit different from what we’re all used to! Instead of building on set we all built 3-5 different machines all with different configurations and purposes. This class is very essential because it takes all the technical learning we learn with our big machines in the past and it simplifies it so we can really look at the key components. Some of the sets we built included: a crane/fishing rod, an angled weight lifter and a gear crank. 

Everyone did really awesome in this class with exploring and experimenting with these models. See you guys soon for more lego fun!

No Bricks No Problem

Sorry for arriving late.  This week we were introduced to Lego Digital Designer which we can build lego on our computer.  It is the same process as we follow the actual building steps.  Except finding the right brick is the challenge part, because we have access to all type of bricks on the computer.  We just need more time and be more patient.  On one hand, it will save parents a lot of money from buying all the bricks and instruction, the other hand is that kids can be more creative on free roam build without any instructions.  In the end, LDD is a helpful tool to save money and time and still have fun with Lego.  

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 2: Fan Powered Windmill 20200115

In our last phase 2 class we all worked on a windmill! I brought a fan into the class to power them! At the back was a rope attached to a weight and because of our complex gears cluster in the middle, the windmill was able to raise and lower the weight using just the fan! Everyone had alot of fun but there were some struggles. Its important to make sure we all ask for help if we get stuck!


Thank every one for coming in the cold weather.  This week we buld the walker which is powered by a battery motor; and it is the first time they work on their own to finish the project.  The whole class went really well.  The building, socializing, and learning.  The part that gets most students messed up was when they try to connect the legs to the body.  At this age, students don’t really have a good understanding of geometry.  They need to put the legs between the gaps not twisting the other way.  It would result in breaking down.  But overall, kids did a good jod on their own.