Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 5: Big Wheel Balance 20200205

Last week in our phase one class we all built a balance and learnt that if we position our weights in different positions we could make one weight balance two weights! After giving them a couple challenges they began experimenting on their own and adding weights of their own. This included wheels and bars of all shapes! See you all next class for some more building fun!


Hello everybody!  We are going to fight coronavirus with today’s master machinery, the sweeper!!!  It was easy to build but hard to make our sweeper more efficient.  The main focus us the gear combinations.  If we put a large gear on the motor axle and small gear on the sweep axle, that is the most efficient way.  But if we want the slowest sweep, we are going to have the large gear on the sweep axle and small gear on the motor axle.  As soon as we understand the math in it, we can have the best sweeper too sweep away all the virus.  

hammer time?

Hello everyone, welcome to another day of LEGO challenge.  It is the third class of the semester and good to see everyone showed up.  This week, we build a hammer.  Yes, we are going to knock something hard.  The building process is not hard, most of the students finished right after half of the class time and go on knocking.  For the experiment, we are going to test the friction on different gears.  First we test it out by hands and give it a rating of how much force we use to push an axle through it from 1-4.  Then we use our hammer to count how many time it takes to knock the axle through.  At this point, we have an idea of how much friction it has on each gears.  The second part of the experiment is to test does the angles, which is how much the hammer lift, effect the force to knock? This would be their homework and I’m willing to discuss about it on the following week. 

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 4: Charge and Drop Dragster 20200129

Hello class! I hope you all enjoyed last class! If you recall we build a dragster! We put our motor and battery pack on a tower mount for the dragster car. We were able to push a button, of our design, raising the car to connect to the motor. Then we would turn on the motor charging up the car so when we let go of the button the car would drop and shoot off!!! This build involved lots of knowledge with gears.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 4: Big Wheel Sweeper 20200122

Hello class! Hope you all enjoyed building the sweeper last week. You all did a great job with that build! We used gears to control and connect the sweeper module to the wheels so we would get movement as the vehicle moves. At the end I challenged and educated you all about how you can change your gears from 2 of the same size to a big and small gear to increase and decrease the speed of the sweeper. I’ll see you all soon!

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 2: Hammer Machine 20200115

Last class we built a hammer machine! This machine used a crank and camshaft to move the hammer up and down allowing us to push out nail down with minimum effort! Everyone did great  with so many moving pieces! Its really important though to make sure we’re checking that we have the right size piece so the build works properly. See you all soon for our next project!

Beam Balance

I appreciate everyone for coming-in in such extrem weather.  This week, we worded on a much simpler project than last time.  Almost everyone finished theirs and had been working on the expriment.  They tried to have only one object on the left side to balance with1, 2, 0r 3 on the right side.  They first predict the positions and then test it out.  It was really nice to see they were eager to learn this.  

Bring Balance to the Class

First time in the North teaching and it felt great.  The classroom is unique but most importantly, I get a whole class full of future stars in it.  We built letter balance which needed group work.  Kids were showing fantastic work ethic.  What they need to improve is to follow the instruction step by step and be more patient.  After they finished, some were trying to weight heavier objects like my watch and phone which they need to rescale the levels.  It was fun to have this kind energy in my class and i hope they enjoied it as well.  Looking forward to the next class.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 1: Powered Car Race 20200108

Last class we worked on a battery powered car. We used gears to connect the motor to the wheels and experimented with different sizes of gears and wheels to increase its speed. When using a big gear on the motor and a small gear on the wheels, one rotation of the big gear will spin give the small gear multiple spins allowing our wheels to move faster for each turn the motor does. This took our cars to the next level with their speed!!! We all had a chance to try out our cars and race them. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!!!