Class FAQ

Play2Learn Education provides all kits and the experimental instrument including LEGO kits, tutorial and homework to all registered students in LEGO Challenge Program. Each student will be guaranteed to occupy one set of kits for class education usage, unless required by the special purpose; students will work with a partner in some classes.

This is an 8-week class program; each class is more than 60 minutes

The class sizes in Play2Learn Education is capped at 10 students for LEGO Challenge program. These smaller class sizes guarantee our teachers to give each student the individual attention and recognition they deserve to achieve their personal best.

$205 (NO GST) for an 8-week program
Note: Please check Discount section for possible Discount Code to save your money

YES WE DO HELP! We offer different type of Discount to help smart kids to be involved in Play2Learn Education LEGO Challenge Program:

  • Sibling Discount: Yes. We offer a $10 sibling discount when 2 or more children from the same family are enrolled at the same time;
  • Early Bird Discount: Yes. We offer a $10 Early Bird Discount if you register the program and finish your payment before August 15th, 2017
  • Social Media Discount: Yes. We offer a $5 Social Media Discount if you share your enrolled program information by posting the picture/info in any Social Media Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (mention #Play2LearnEdu)
  • Loyalty Discount: Yes. We offer a discount if the student were enrolled in any of program offered in Play2Learn Education. Please contact with the office directly;

  1. Social Media Discount can be used with Sibling Discount and Early Bird Discount as a combo, or used separately;
  2. Loyalty Discount is offered for returning students, it is not used in combining with other discounts;
  3. Play2Learn Education reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the program either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.
How to Register:
How to Pay:
  • Send an e-transfer to with the student’s name in comments
  • Write a cheque Payable to “Play2Learn Education Ltd.” and leave to your corresponding Community Center office
  • Pay Cash

*For WeChat user, you can use WeChat Money Transaction to pay play2learn with RMB instead of Canadian dollars. The rate will be Bank of China Cash Buying Rate plus 1% transaction fee. Check with the officer directly.

Other questions? Please contact:



403 560 8519



Edgemont Community Association
33 Edgevalley Cir NW
Calgary AB T3A 4X1

Our Spring 2018 program will be started on March 7th, 2018. We do have:
• Ambrose University Tuesday Hour of Kids Engineer Lego Challenge Program
• ECA Wednesday Fun Night Lego Challenge Program
• PBP Community Center Friday Happy Hour Lego Challenge Program

For detailed class & schedule, please check

Play2Learn Education