Communication PBP Center Phase I Class 1: Build a Car 20170915

Each Friday, Play2Learn Education moves to Palliser Bayview PumpHill Community Association to serve for Kids in South Calgary. On September 15, 2017, the very first class in Phase I Lego Challenge Program is given at 6:30 pm in the evening. This is the first time we put our class in the south, big thanks for president, administrator in PBP Center. We had 12 kids in total gathering in boardroom to build car and run a race. The group is pretty mixed since we have boys and girls, age from 6 – 12 years old. This is what we planned for a big range of kids to be benefit from this program. Big brothers and sisters can enjoy a hard version of experiment, and also practice their leadership to interact with those young kids; for those young kids, they will really enjoy to learn and play in a easy model, however, interact with older brothers and sisters.

The car uses the battery and the motor to give the movement. To make the car run faster, you have different way to go. For example, change the gear combination; switch tires. Kids can think a lot of different ways to speed their car up.

That’s a wonderful Friday night! Kids felt happy; Mom and Dad enjoy an one hour Happy Hour.

Let’s get together in the next Friday! We will do some research on Scientific Measurement!


Communication ECA Phase III Class 1: Generate Energy 20170913

The first class in Phase III is open for students in ECA. This is the highest level of class in Play2Learn Education Lego Challenge Program. In the next 8 weeks, we will have chance to practice different ways to generate energy; to experience pneumatic; to design machine arm; to construct a mechanism hand.

We do use the monitor today to find out how strong your hand is. Your hand scroll the hand generator to generator energy. The energy is measured in Joules and you can find it in the monitor. We know how strong your hand is, since we can quantitatively see your hand scrolling generate 100 Joules energy! Super! The energy can be used to move a car! What a fabulous experiments!

Andy and Ethan finished the construction quickly. They dived into the experiment soon. They use the different speed to roll the hand generator and record the amount of Joules they generated.The car is moving by the energy, and also the car is moving forward and backward.

Phase III needs more theoretical knowledge in the experiments. That is really a good activity to help kids audit and find what they learned in the classroom.

In the next week, we are going to try a new model boat pulley!

Dr. JW

Communication ECA Phase II Class 1: The Letter Balance 20170913

Let us suppose we have to set up a post office and delivery service at Edgemont Community Association. We have a plan to write letters and send them to all friends in neighborhood.  To make everything as real as possible, we need to design some very spectacular stamps and weigh all the letters and finding out what stamps to put on.
How to make a Balance for the different range of weight? Kids are thinking/designing/building the balance they need.  They also figure out the balance scale, how to use the unit to find out how many units we need to weigh letters up.

Tutor Paul

Communication ECA Phase I Class 1: Power Car in ECA 20170913

Hello Guys,

We were pleased to see 2 groups of kids working on their own Power Car project in Edgemont Community Association on Wednesday evening. The smart boys and girls finished all requested structure, and then made a fabulous CAR Race. Justin got the champion in the Group 2. He found the secret in gear combination. After trying 3 different combination, he chose the best one to make the car running far faster than other cars in the group.

Hi Justin, good job! The next step, I am sure you can find how the gear ratio is, to make the car run in a fast speed (quantitatively) as what you predicted. The timer is ready for you!

We are going to experience the scientific measurement Model in the next week. See you guys on September 20th, 2017.

Coach Paul

Communication CCS Phase I Class 2: The Balance 20170917

The kids had an amazing time building the balance. The balance allows them to weight different objects on each side, and measure their difference in mass. At the end of the class the kids took their enthusiasm a little further and used their imagination to build all sorts of things like a canon, and a race car.

Next week we will cover the Hammer in class which will teach the kids more about the STEM. Please try to be in the class at 1 o’clock so the kids can enjoy the full hour, and as always we ask them to organize their Lego material properly so they can easily use it in the next class.

Thank you!


Communication AmbroseU Phase I Class 1: Westside Has Power Car Run 20170912

Play2Learn Education started Ambrose University Tuesday Hour of Kids Engineer Lego Challenge Program on September 12, 2017. Students are in the communities in Westside. The topic is the power car which aims to make kids understand how to change the car’s speed from changing gear ratio and changing tires’ size. Gerald and Claire are brother and sister, they all dive into finding different gear combinations to speed up their power car. No doubt, they got a champion in the car race. Please look at your homework to figure out what circumference is. In the next week, we will build a scientific balance to help us weigh object.

Communication CCS Phase I Class 1: We built Power Car on Sunday 20170910

We had the first Model Power Car built on Sunday September 10, 2017. The power car aims to introduce gear combination to students. What kind of gear combination can make the car run faster or slower. Students are extremely involved in the car race. Kevin was comparing different combination of gears and their different performance. After the class, Don asked his Mom if we would have class tomorrow. Lol… unfortunately, our 8-week class will only happen once a week.

We will have a new model related to scientific measurement in the next week. Please follow us!

Tutor Amir