PBP Phase 2: Class 2: Windmill

I apologise for the late Classminutes as there were some technical difficulties on my end.

Last class the students built a Windmill in order to learn the principles of wind energy and the effect of surface area on the power output. The students were able to finish all the models on time, some did need help however, and help cleaning up was much appreciated. Avery is very adept at group work however some groups are a bit difficult to make work. Yuan appears to be very good with the kits and demonstrates an good understanding of the material. The students seemed to like the Windmill alot to the point where the fan providing the wind was overcrowded.

On friday the 26th we will be building the Walker.
Apologies for the late response.

Il Ho Cho

PBP Phase 1: Class 2: Beam Balance

I apologise for the late Classminutes as there were some technical difficulties on my end.

Last class the students built a beam balance in order to measure and compare various loads. The students were able to finish all the models on time and help cleaning up was much appreciated. Lukas and Ryan are both fast builders and Selina has an eye for precision. The students seemed to like the balance alot and they found it fun to put various objects on the balance for their own experimentation.

On friday the 26th we will be building the Power Hammer.
Apologies for the late response.

Il Ho Cho

PBP Phase 2: Class 1: Letter Balance

Today we built the Letter Balance after splitting into groups of two. All the students managed to finish quickly and even got their homework done in class. We learned about estimating weight and force due to gravity, while there was not enough time to explain torque the children seemed to enjoy themselves.

Next week’s model is the Windmill
The children were all we behaved and worked well with each other and I hope that they will continue to do so.

PBP Phase 1: Class 1: Power Car

Today we built the Power Car and students seemed to have a fun time, while we didn’t have enough time to learn about gear ratios, the children learned the basic skills of assembling pieces and getting acquainted with their sets.
Two of the boys were extremely fast in building their sets ( I am not the best with names so it will take me time to learn them). The topic for next week is the Balance. All the children were very good at cleaning up and we hope that they’ll be just as good next time.

PBP Center 20171103 Last Day of Class

Today was a free build day with the option of a challenge. Most students opted for the challenge. The children for their efforts in the previous class received a small reward that was supposed to be shared but was promptly fought over, this was expected.

I truly enjoyed seeing the children put the knowledge that they learned to use during this class and remarking on their growth during the past 8 weeks.

Thank you very much!
See you starside,

Il Ho Cho

PBP Center 20171027 Fishing Rod Challenge

Today’s class went very successfully with all of the students completing the project. The students learned about pulley ratios as well as the block and tackle.
During the testing I proposed a challenge to the students that if they could lift a heavy block using their fishing hooks that they would get candy. The students enthusiastically took to figuring out unique solutions to this problem and came up with two solutions.
The younger students worked together to distribute the load over multiple hooks and lift it as a combined effort successfully lifting the load for a short period of time demonstrating excellent teamwork.
However Olivia impressed me the most. Using only pointers on where to improve and half a design she was able to complete a system that was able to lift the entire weight on it’s own.

As promised I will bring candy for the students next week.
As next week will be our final class it will be an free build class. This means that the students may build whatever they want.


This time around we built the dragster and it’s launcher, all the students were able to complete the build.

Ethan, Yiming, and Lenix work very well together often asking eachother for help. Their enthusiasm for building shows, though it would be nice if they would take to their assignments with such vigor. While they are usually loud this time around they were relatively quiet and respectful.

Olivia’s attention to detail is keen and her organization abilities are excellent.

Jenna was the first to finish today and she seems to have a decent spatial awareness though I have not been able to reliably prove this just yet.

While the students were reluctant to clean up this is expected and they did a wonderful job of putting their part back this time around

Flywheel Car 20171013 PBP Center

Today we built cars powered by flywheels and learned about inertia and the first law of motion; that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects that are still tend to stay still. The kids loved being able to see their cars move and overall had fun with them. A few build issues were encountered regarding the gearbox though some of these were due to the fault of the model. During the lecture segment Eva was able to readily point out the relationship between the mass of the flywheel and the amount of energy that it carried and demonstrated good reasoning skills.

I ask that parents get the children the do their homework and to help them clean up a bit less violently.

Communication PBP Center Phase I Class 3: The Hammer 20170929

Today the students built the Power Hammer and explored friction. The students all completed the build on time and, particularly the boys, loved the build. Avery demonstrates excellent spacial cognition and completes the builds faster than expected, I may be encouraging him to help other students if the need arises. Clean up was done in a quick and efficient manner, thank you to the parents that helped out.

Communication PBPCenter Phase I Class 2: The Balance 20170922

1) Had students build a Beam Balance as well as a weight set
2) The balance was used to to teach the principles of torque and forces on a lever.
3) Most students were very happy that they got to play with the balance though some did struggle
4) Next week we will be studying friction as well as building a hammer and anvil
5) Please ask the students to do cleanup and not to hesitate to ask for help in completing their builds