PBP Phase 1 Week2: Beam Balance

Today we built the beam balance and used it to understand the principles of torque. The students were a bit confused at first however they seemed to have fun playing with it. The topic for friday is the Power Hammer, please ask the children to clean up afterwards. 

PBP Phase 3 Week 1: Generator

Today we built the hand generator and learned a little bit about electricity, including, Volts, Amps, and Ohms. The kids looked like they were having fun with their projects. The topic for next week is a solar powered vehicle, the kids are all good at cleaning up by now however I ask that the students pay attention to their cleanup s they don’t break any parts. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 1: Power Car

Welcome to Play2Learn PBP Phase 1! We’re excited to have you!
Today we built battery powered cars and raced them in the large room. There were some exceptional builders today and all were easily able to complete the builds on time. The topic for next week is a beam balance and please help the children to organise their boxes. 

ECA Phase 3 Topic 8: Robot Arm

Today we built the robot arm, it is an arm that is controlled by pneumatics as much of our course has covered in the past. Most of the kids were not able to finish due to arriving late and the complexity of the build. As today was the last day of classes I hope all the kids had fun during Phase 3 and we hope to see them back for Phase 4!

PBP Phase 1 Combined Class 8: Free build and fishing rod challenge

Today was the last day of class and the students were allowed to choose between a free build or a challenge. The students who chose a free build came up with some incredible creations while the challenge team were all very good at coming up with solutions to the problem of lifting a water bottle with a fishing rod.

Thank you all for another wonderful semester and we hope to see you all again in January

Keep on dreaming!

PBP Phase 1 Combined: Class 7: Walker

Today we built the walker and used the material that we learned in the past two classes about screws, worms, gears, and levers in order to make the walker walk. The kind loved playing around with their walkers almost as much as they did building them. I apologise for posting these classminutes late as my PC ran into a hardware issue and could not be booted until recently.

ECA Phase 3 Topic 6: Scissor Lift

Today we built the Scissor Lift and played around with them. The kids mostly finished on time and enjoyed the build however we did not have enough time to go in depth today. Due to issues with my PC I am sorry to have posted this Classminutes a bit late.

ECA Phase 3 Topic 7: Piston hand

Today we built the pneumatic hand and learned a bit about how pnuematics can be used to actuate devices, The students loved grabbing things with their grabbers and attempted to lift heavy weights. The topic for next week is a pneumatic arm.

Also sorry for the late Classminutes, my PC broke and I just managed to fix it.

PBP Phase 1 Combined Class 6: Screws and Worms

Today we built a worm gear as well as screws and the students were allowed to reverse engineer a demonstration model I had built. We learned how the worm gear worked including it’s ability to be driven in only one configuration. The students loved making the model and quite a few students showed great ability to reverse engineer the model. The topic for next week will be a difficult build, the Walker, and since there wasn’t any pieces left on the ground today the students will get chocolate next week.

ECA Phase 3 Topic 5: Pneumatics Basics

Today we built a demonstration model for the kids to get comfortable working on pneumatics and familiar with the pneumatic systems that we will be using in the coming classes. We did not manage to cover many STEM topics today, instead we covered safety with pneumatic devices and their operation. The students had fun but a few found it difficult to actually put the air hoses on the connector, this is not too large of a problem as many of them simply lack the finger strength that adults have. The topic next week is the Scissor Lift which will use a pneumatic cylinder to raise a platform. The students did a good job of cleaning up today however I would like the older kids to help the younger kids out just a bit more.