Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 4: Simple Machines part2 20200127

Last week in our Phase 2 class we continued on with our simple machines! We’ve been working out of 3 booklets learning an adapting different basic models to learn how we can build efficiently. This picture i attached shows a lever that we have build and how by changing some positions we can change the difficulty it is to lift. Everyone build alot of different models during these classes and at the end I challenged the ones who had finished to create their own simple machines. Some of their ideas were quite impressive.


This week’s class, we introduce the conservation of energy.  We build a windmill which will transfer wind energy to rotational energy and use rotational energy to lift heavy blocks.  It just gives them an idea of use renewable energy to save slow down climate changes.  It was not super challenging to build the windmill but to line up the fans properly and have the block system on the right side caught them off guard.  Once they realized it, the experiment went smoothly, and big thank shut out to Daniel who was a fantastic helper that day.

hammer time?

Hello everyone, welcome to another day of LEGO challenge.  It is the third class of the semester and good to see everyone showed up.  This week, we build a hammer.  Yes, we are going to knock something hard.  The building process is not hard, most of the students finished right after half of the class time and go on knocking.  For the experiment, we are going to test the friction on different gears.  First we test it out by hands and give it a rating of how much force we use to push an axle through it from 1-4.  Then we use our hammer to count how many time it takes to knock the axle through.  At this point, we have an idea of how much friction it has on each gears.  The second part of the experiment is to test does the angles, which is how much the hammer lift, effect the force to knock? This would be their homework and I’m willing to discuss about it on the following week. 

why won’t the car move!!!

Hello class, welcome to another day of LEGO challenge.  Today, we introduce how to use those renewable energy in real life.  We connect a solar panel to a motor which we put on a car.  Then we shine the light on the panel to transform solar energy into kinetic energy.  As a result, the car should move, but sadly it does not happen in our class.  Lucas’s car were moving but after a few tests, it completely stops, no movement at all.  We try to see which side cause the problem, is it the panel break or the motor is down.  It turned out neither.  It was probably the light.  After the heartbreaking news, we go back to do some calculations which these formulas: s=d/t, d=st, t=d/s.   

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 4: Charge and Drop Dragster 20200129

Hello class! I hope you all enjoyed last class! If you recall we build a dragster! We put our motor and battery pack on a tower mount for the dragster car. We were able to push a button, of our design, raising the car to connect to the motor. Then we would turn on the motor charging up the car so when we let go of the button the car would drop and shoot off!!! This build involved lots of knowledge with gears.