Is that heavy?

Hello, it is I.  Welcom to another class of physics.  This time we used battery to power up the energy display, then use the Joules to pull a heavy block off the ground.  There are few formulas that need to remeber. F=ma=mg, W=FD(D=distance), Effiency=W/energy used*100%.  These will help the kids to do their hoemwork but I also told them in class.  It was fairly an easy project to build but needed some critical thinking to finished the expriments.  Hope they have learned somthing and had fun with it.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 2: Hammer Machine 20200115

Last class we built a hammer machine! This machine used a crank and camshaft to move the hammer up and down allowing us to push out nail down with minimum effort! Everyone did great  with so many moving pieces! Its really important though to make sure we’re checking that we have the right size piece so the build works properly. See you all soon for our next project!

Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 2: Fan Powered Windmill 20200115

In our last phase 2 class we all worked on a windmill! I brought a fan into the class to power them! At the back was a rope attached to a weight and because of our complex gears cluster in the middle, the windmill was able to raise and lower the weight using just the fan! Everyone had alot of fun but there were some struggles. Its important to make sure we all ask for help if we get stuck!

Beam Balance

I appreciate everyone for coming-in in such extrem weather.  This week, we worded on a much simpler project than last time.  Almost everyone finished theirs and had been working on the expriment.  They tried to have only one object on the left side to balance with1, 2, 0r 3 on the right side.  They first predict the positions and then test it out.  It was really nice to see they were eager to learn this.  


Thank every one for coming in the cold weather.  This week we buld the walker which is powered by a battery motor; and it is the first time they work on their own to finish the project.  The whole class went really well.  The building, socializing, and learning.  The part that gets most students messed up was when they try to connect the legs to the body.  At this age, students don’t really have a good understanding of geometry.  They need to put the legs between the gaps not twisting the other way.  It would result in breaking down.  But overall, kids did a good jod on their own.