Communication ECA Phase 2 Class 1: Insect Wheel Walker 20200108

Last week we started our Phase 2 class. Everyone did really well! This was a very complicated build with lots of detail. The build used a rotating rod in the middle of the body to spin a small arm on either side around. This arm was connected to one front and back leg. With every rotation the legs would get pulled pushed allowing the build to walk forwards on its own. Lower down by the feet (which were wheels), we used gravity controlled locks to only allow the wheel to turn in one direction allowing for maximum grip and efficiency while walking. Like I said before, VERY complicated! Everyone did awesome! Looking forward to seeing you all next class for more fun!!!!

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 1: Powered Car Race 20200108

Last class we worked on a battery powered car. We used gears to connect the motor to the wheels and experimented with different sizes of gears and wheels to increase its speed. When using a big gear on the motor and a small gear on the wheels, one rotation of the big gear will spin give the small gear multiple spins allowing our wheels to move faster for each turn the motor does. This took our cars to the next level with their speed!!! We all had a chance to try out our cars and race them. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!!!

Is that a car moving by itself?

Nice to meet old friends and new people.  Today we learn what is conservation of energy.  They build hand generators to power up the car using energy generated by their hands.  The whole process is to change kinetic Energy into electric Energy and change it back to kinetic again.  It was a fun class and the learning environment is fantastic.  Jeff loves to help and chat his neighbors, Jeffery and Micheal are such good problem solver, and last but not least, Lucas has shown great improvement compare to last semester.  I am looking forward to have a great season with these guys.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 8: Pick and Choose Creation 20191030

Hello everyone! All your costumes were so amazing last class! I hope you guys got lots of candy. Last class we decided to change it up and allow full decision making to the kids! Thats right! Everyone in the class got to create what ever they wanted! The builds i saw were all quite impressive. We had some old ones we’ve done before that were redesigned and some new ones that have never been seen before. Everyone did a great job at showing their skills and passion. Its been an amazing 8 weeks with you all and i hope to see you all soon if you choose to come back for stage 2!!! Have an amazing Christmas holidays everyone!


Welcome to a whole new season oof lego challenge.  New people and old friend are all having fun in the first class.  For the first day, we use different gear sets and wheels to build the fastest drag race car.  It is challengeable for their age but what surprise me is that they have sort it out by themselves.  Big shout out to Leo for complete the all car by himself.  That is a huge improvement for him.  I love how Chris is so active in the class to answering questions and listening to my instructions.  Arthur’s social skills is what makes him special.  He loves to have a chat with others and share his thoughts to us.  Joshua has incredible lego skills.  He finished building first and help others with their car.  Adrian is a lego MasterBuilder in his age.  He just heads down and gets the job down with little problems for himself.  He must have played tons of lego at his home.  Last but not least, Nicholas is the ultimate drag race champion today.  He finished First in all the race.  The reason he win all of it, it is that he has the larger gear on the motor axle and smaller gear on the wheel axle.  Which means when the gear turns, the wheel spins more times;  and he has the largest wheel on the back end with smallest in front.  That is how to make an ultimate drag race car.