Lego EV3 Self-driving Challenge Final

Hooray! We finished the last challenge tonight. Congrats. You actually have most of the building blocks to do your own project. During this mini challenge, we tested your skills and patient. Programming has its fun part, but it is also require lot of hard work. I hope all of you can handle it sometime. Hope see you all at the coming FLL competition. 

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 7: Fishing Rod 20191023

Square lake Lego fishing!!! Last class we built a working fishing rod with a lego fish to go with. The rod had a crank to control the ropes movement and had a safety mechanism using a gear and a lever to stop the fish swimming away if the crank was released. This insured maximum control on our fishing voyage! The fish was built out of long beams and odd shaped pieces. Although there was no moving parts with the fish the angles the class were using in the build made a complex and challenging build. Everyone did a great job completing their fishing rods and had a lot of fun trying to catch some fish!!! Next week everyone should be excited for the opportunity to have some choice in the build they do! Being our last class i look forward to seeing which build the class will choose and how they’ll customize they’re builds to make it their own!

Lego EV3 Self-Driving Challenge Final

Tonight is the Lego EV3 Self-Driving Challenge Final. All teams get into final testing stage. Able to complete all task maybe is 50% of the work. We can fine tune the robot forever. Think about the real cars. People invented automobile for over 100 years. Every year, we still find new way to improve it. I hope all student can keep your curiosity, find new way to improve your creativity. Keep building. 

Lego EV3 Lane Following

Welcome to the last two classes. We are going to build a team project, build a robot that can follow the curved road to the end, finish some task, then follow the same road home. The robot is ranked by the scores it can earn for completing tasks. All team effort, quality of the code, comments are scored as well. This challenge will require some of the knowledge from previous class. Also, the fundamental lane following codes are provided as reference. Students can explore more options by try and error on the map. It is a challenge problem. Some teams finished some tasks in this class. We are looking forward to see them finish all tasks by next class. Thank you for cleaning up every class. We are going to celebrate learning next class.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 6: Charge up Dragster 20191016

Last week we build a charge up dragster. There were 2 parts to the build, the charging tower with the motor and the dragster car. The tower had a lever that lifted the car off the ground and connecting the car wheels to the motor through a series of gears. The wheels gain up speed so that when the car is brought back to the ground the car drives off. This was probably my favorite build so far to do with the class because of its complex gears and features.


  More partner works and tougher object to be done today.  We built a walker with a motor.  Since it is a hard one, they are working in pairs.  They show different ways of working as a group.  Some decides to work together at the same page and solve the same problems. Meanwhile some decides to work on different booklets to finish the project as quickly as possible. Once they know there would be a prize for the first one to finish, the competitiveness has risen. “It was lit” said by Roy.  The most common mistake they have made is the use of lock.  Either they forget to put one or the locks are on the wrong side of the leg. After a few pointers, they have managed to solved the problem and have fun.  They start racing and robot battling. 

Once again, IT WAS LIT