On Friday, we built a powered car to let the kids get a sense of how different gears and wheels will have an impact on how fast the car can go.  We have some kids like Leo that is really young who will have some problem finding the pieces and building it, but it is a good process of learning by asking questions and talking to strangers.  We also have kids like Will that is a vet in building Lego.  They are willing to help those who is in trouble.  They make the class going much smoother than only me and Roy being the helper.  In the end they raced their car and learned how different combinations of gears and tires will affect the speed of a car.  It was a really good first day of class.

Intro to Lego Mindstorm EV3 and build color reader robot

Today is the first class of the eight Lego robotic programming classes. All student are excited about building the advanced Lego robots. We achieved two goals: Assemble the Lego car with two wheel drive, and taste of the color reading program. The students learned the fundamental programming loop, switch, and functional modules. They are hooked to the robot. In the next class, I will continue the exercise to make sure each student build their own color reading robot.