Lego EV3 Parallel parking

Welcome to the class 3, lego self driving car. We reviewed the self driving history, only 14 years. See “The Great Robot Race ” for the full story. ( Today, we programmed the robot to do parallel parking based on open loop programming. We also complete a one button start program to start and stop the robot on command. Now we have some important tools in our tool box(color sensor, large motors, key pad, p controller, parking, self lock starter). Next week we are going to program the robot can do bump and reverse operation. Thanks again for the cleaning. 

fly wheely

It was a little bit of low energy to day.  The classroom is too quiet.  They probably think building a car with only gears is simple, But when I give them to try to fit a motor on the gear by themselves and told them that they can have some sort of reward if they can complete my task. Suddenly they are all energetic and even the kids haven’t finished yet is moving faster.  I will teach students more about how to follow the booklet on next week since that’s the main reason a lot of them can’t finish in time for experiments. Wish next class will have more excitement for them. 

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 2: Big Wheel Balance 20190918

Today we worked on a lego balance! We learnt about how to use weights in different positions along the beam to create equilibrium. After this all the kids challenged themselves in adding as much lego as they could to the balance while still keeping equilibrium. This included some outrageous designs and creativity involving monster truck wheels and braces! I was very impressed in their understanding and incredible creativity today! Can’t wait till next week!