Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 3: Hammer Machine 20190925

Hello! Last class we built a hammer and attached it to a cam shaft. Using a crank we were able to move the hammer up and down hitting axles (nails) through different gears. As the experiment continued we noticed that different gears were tighter creating more friction around the axle (nail). Later we expanded and attempted to add more weight on to our hammer to increase its efficiency! I was very impressed with everyone’s understanding on the cam shaft and its different positions! I look forward to next week when we’ll be building a sweeper like the ones we see in calgary to pick up rocks!

Lego EV3 Parallel parking

Welcome to class 3, self driving parallel parking challenge. Today’s challenge is to build two programs: open loop parallel parking, and close loop one button starter. The parking program will drive the robot forward, then park to the right hand side. The starter program will use two button to control the sound system, press 3 to start, press 5 to stop. You will find lot of these kind of operation everyday, like in elevator, or your TV remote controller. Now we have more tools in your tool box. Next week, we are going to use touch sensor to make robot react to the environment. Thank all students and volunteers. 

Lego EV3 Parallel parking

Welcome to the class 3, lego self driving car. We reviewed the self driving history, only 14 years. See “The Great Robot Race ” for the full story. ( Today, we programmed the robot to do parallel parking based on open loop programming. We also complete a one button start program to start and stop the robot on command. Now we have some important tools in our tool box(color sensor, large motors, key pad, p controller, parking, self lock starter). Next week we are going to program the robot can do bump and reverse operation. Thanks again for the cleaning. 

fly wheely

It was a little bit of low energy to day.  The classroom is too quiet.  They probably think building a car with only gears is simple, But when I give them to try to fit a motor on the gear by themselves and told them that they can have some sort of reward if they can complete my task. Suddenly they are all energetic and even the kids haven’t finished yet is moving faster.  I will teach students more about how to follow the booklet on next week since that’s the main reason a lot of them can’t finish in time for experiments. Wish next class will have more excitement for them. 

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 2: Big Wheel Balance 20190918

Today we worked on a lego balance! We learnt about how to use weights in different positions along the beam to create equilibrium. After this all the kids challenged themselves in adding as much lego as they could to the balance while still keeping equilibrium. This included some outrageous designs and creativity involving monster truck wheels and braces! I was very impressed in their understanding and incredible creativity today! Can’t wait till next week!

Lego EV3 Motor Controller

Today is the second class. We jump right into the EV3 programming. We built a classic proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) step by step. The PID controller is a control loop mechanism employing feedback that is widely used in industrial control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control. We are able to set the target position, the robot will follow, and move the arm to that position. Because we only made the p portion, the controller will shake at the setting point. We will continue to build the rest of the controller in the following classes. All students are great helper to clean up the room. Thank you and see you next class.

Communication ECA Phase 1 Class 1: Car Race 20170911

Hello! It was really great meeting you all last week! Last class we built a model car using a battery pack and a motor. We learnt about connecting gears and used our knowledge of gear ratios on our cars! We found out that when the big gear is attached to the motor it spins the small gear faster giving our cars more speed. Everyone really enjoyed the race we had afterwards to test our models. Next week we will keep working on trying to keep our Lego pieces organized and together as we build our next model. I look forward to seeing you all!

Lego EV3 Motor Controller

Welcome to the second class of Lego Challenge Level IV program. Today we are explored the powerful PID motor position controller. This controlling concept is used everyday in our life, such as elevator, CD player, fan, car steering etc.  It is a little bit hard in the beginning. I will keep explain the concept and debug your program for next few classes. The final goal is to have some advanced technology for real world engineering challenges.  

letter balance

Today we built a scale for weighing different small things which are wheels, cup of water, and lego blocks. It is a little bit more challenge than last time but since we got them to start asking helps from their neighbors  It is an important social skill to have.  Stepping out of their comfort zone. Some are brave enough to seat in class without their parents and some are cool enough to make friends. I’m really happy to see them having fun and solving problems together.  

Intro to Lego Mindstorm EV3 and build color reader robot

Welcome to the Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot programming challenge. The first class, we built a two wheel tank drive robot for the future class. We also build a color reader robot that can scan the color, then read out for you forever. Kids are excited about. Everyone tested their robot with rubik’s cube.  The science behind it are loop, switch and color sensor. Next week we will explore the other sensor’s from lego. All students also helped to cleanup the classroom.