PBP Phase 1 Week 6: Dragster

Today we built the dragster and brushed up on the same principles of inertia that we learned last week. The kids really liked the dragster however they had a bit of a difficult time building it. Next week we’re building the Fishing Rod. If the students want to study ahead please have them learn about gears and pulleys. Please get the students to clean up a bit better. 

PBP Phase 3 Week 5: Pneumatics Basics

Today we learned about pneumatics using the pneumatics basic models. The students learned about the relationship between volume and pressure. The kids played around and experimented with their models quite a bit. The topic for next week is the scissor lift. Please have the students organize their kits. 

PBP Phase 3 Week 6: Scissor lift

Today we built the scissor lift to explore the applications of pneumatics. Additionally we saw how levers can be used for mechanical advantage. 

The topic for next week is the robot hand. Please tell the students to be wary of dropped pieces and not to simply dump everything out onto the table. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 5: Flywheeler

Today we built the Flywheeler and learned a little bit about inertia. The kids were confused about the model since the goal of the models wasn’t about speed but about energy storage and distance. The topic for next week is the Dragster and please ask the students to clean up a bit better.