PBP Phase 3 Week 4: Wind Turbine

Today we built the Wind Turbine and learned a bit about wind energy and power. The kids loved it and some of them found a way to spin their wind turbines a little too fast. The topic for next week is an introduction to Pneumatics. Please ask the kids to clean up better as dropped parts were found today. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 4: Sweeper

Today we built the sweeper and learned about gear combinations. The students compared it more to a weed whacker than a sweeper and liked playing around with it. The topic for next week is the Flywheel car. Please ask the kids to clean up and organise their kits a bit better as many pieces were found on the ground. 

ECA Phase I Week 4 201901: Sweeper

Did you watch how the sweeper do some cleaning? It is really a good example of gear combination. This class is to help us to understand what is:

  1. Driving Gear
  2. Driven Gear

How do the different sized gears affect the sweeper’s performance?

The class was run smoothly. Wesley made a good construction. The sweeper uses 2 same sized gears. Students found sweeping work performs different if the different gear combination is employed.

I really suggested our students to try the bigger driving gear + the smaller driven gear, it shows a powerful work.

Good luck!