PBP Phase 3 Week 3: Boat Pulley

Today we built the Boat Pulley, and learned a bit about power. The kids loved it and had fun. in particular they had fun trying to figure out how to extract more power from it. The topic for Friday is the Wind Turbine, and will be our last use of electrics for a time. Starting Week 5 we will be moving onto Pneumatics. Parents if you could please tell Selena and Derek to stop constantly shouting it would be much appreciated. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 3: Power Hammer

Today we built the Power hammer and learned precisely why it is called that, We also learned a bit about friction in joints. The kids really liked this project (for obvious reasons) and a few of the students did exceptionally. The topic for this friday is the Sweeper. Hopefully the kids will be able to learn to clean up a bit better.