PBP Phase 3 Week 3: Boat Pulley

Today we built the Boat Pulley, and learned a bit about power. The kids loved it and had fun. in particular they had fun trying to figure out how to extract more power from it. The topic for Friday is the Wind Turbine, and will be our last use of electrics for a time. Starting Week 5 we will be moving onto Pneumatics. Parents if you could please tell Selena and Derek to stop constantly shouting it would be much appreciated. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 3: Power Hammer

Today we built the Power hammer and learned precisely why it is called that, We also learned a bit about friction in joints. The kids really liked this project (for obvious reasons) and a few of the students did exceptionally. The topic for this friday is the Sweeper. Hopefully the kids will be able to learn to clean up a bit better.

ECA Phase I Week 3 201901: Hammer

We learn friction via experimenting on Hammer-Hit-Needle. This is an excellent experiment to watch different gears with axles have different friction.

Feeling the friction by pulling the axle out of the gear, ranking them by the force we used; then use the experiment Hammer-Hit-Needle to verify if what we felt is exactly same or not.

The class goes smoothly and kids cooperate with each other. Team spirit is always the key to win!

ECA Phase I Week 2 201901: Balance

Students are expecting to build a beam balance, to understand what is arm length, fulcrum, weight, and know how to keep the balance by not only adding/taking weight, but also adjusting the arm length (the distance between the point where the weight is hung).

Students’ construction part is running pretty well. The experiment is lead by Sophia and Raymond, they explained the whole process of the experiment. That is how Play2Learn Education encourage kids play together.

PBP Phase 3 Week 2: Solar vehicle

Today we built the solar car, however due to technical difficulties we couldn’t get it to work. The students still loved it as they got to experiment with different setups and go crazy building their own vehicles. The topic for next week is the Powered Winch, the kids were all good cleaning up this week so no problems there. 

PBP Phase 1 Week2: Beam Balance

Today we built the beam balance and used it to understand the principles of torque. The students were a bit confused at first however they seemed to have fun playing with it. The topic for friday is the Power Hammer, please ask the children to clean up afterwards. 

ECA Phase I Week 1 201901: Power Car

We started Play2Learn Education Winter session 2019 on Jan 9th, 2019. Before the class, the teacher received the Thank you Card from ECA staff, for our continued support to build a knowledgeable, fun to learn program in ECA in the past 3 years. We felt proud of the achievement for the past years, and yes, we do continue our excellent service to kids around and welcome all of you guys join us!

The topic for today is about power. We build power car with the motor and the battery. The power generated in the battery go through the motor and gear combination transport to the motion. We use this model to understand the different mode of the power. We also figure out how many factors affecting the car’s speed, for example, the gear combination, the size of wheels, the friction in the structure, the battery itself.

Students felt excited when facing the model in the first time. The inspiring time makes those kids think more about how to make the car running faster.

We will meet again in the next week. Let’s talk about scientific measurement in the next time!



PBP Phase 3 Week 1: Generator

Today we built the hand generator and learned a little bit about electricity, including, Volts, Amps, and Ohms. The kids looked like they were having fun with their projects. The topic for next week is a solar powered vehicle, the kids are all good at cleaning up by now however I ask that the students pay attention to their cleanup s they don’t break any parts. 

PBP Phase 1 Week 1: Power Car

Welcome to Play2Learn PBP Phase 1! We’re excited to have you!
Today we built battery powered cars and raced them in the large room. There were some exceptional builders today and all were easily able to complete the builds on time. The topic for next week is a beam balance and please help the children to organise their boxes.